A Chinese company just 3D-printed an entire mansion and apartment building

3D-printed homes have gone from 650-square-footers to 12,000-square-foot mansions. 

While we’ve seen some pretty impressive 3D-printed projects in recent months, ranging from castles to homes, one Chinese construction firm is taking it to whole new heights. WinSun, the company that 3D printed 10 one-story homes in a single day last year, just revealed a pair of new 3D-printed creations: a five-story apartment block and a three-story mansion.


The two buildings are currently still just proof-of-concepts, with the apartment block and 11,840-square-foot mansion positioned side-by-side inside a Suzhou Industrial Park expo area. And well, a big structure calls for a pretty big machine. Both projects were constructed using a special type of pre-mixed concrete from “construction waste” and created layer by layer by a gigantic 3D printer measuring 20′ x 33′ x 132′ in size.


“The latest 3D-printed homes are in Suzhou in eastern China, where WinSun is based. The partially finished wall section pictured below shows how the firm’s giant 3D printer creates layers of 3D-printed concrete that is later formed into a section of wall. These pre-fabricated elements are then put into place to build the entire structure,” Tech in Asia reports.


According to a company rep, WinSun also plans on launching 100 recycling facilities around China to help them keep up with demand. And while the mansion’s interior is undecorated, it does provide a glimpse into the future of 3D printing. The company says that the buildings are perfectly safe to live in, and hope to build housing blocks as tall as 12 stories in the coming years.


For more photos, head on over to Chinese news site Caixin. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the project on Winsun’s official page here.

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