This DIY system lets you open the door with a special knock

Protect your home or secret hideout with a lock that will only open with a secret knock.

With the rise of the Internet of Things, we’re seeing a number smart access systems enter the market, enabling users to gain keyless entry into their homes. And for those who aren’t looking to delve deep into their wallets, Makers are developing DIY projects for a fraction of the cost of a commercial locks. Recently brought to our attention from the crew, Ashraf Nabil has designed a clever method to open a door without keys using an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), an Android smartphone and 1Sheeld (ATmega162).


In order to bring his idea to life, the Maker recorded a door knock pattern through the 1Sheeld’s keypad and mic shield. Each time a homeowner approaches the front step, they must simply press the keypad button on their smartphone, hold the device against the door and repeat the designated knock sequence. If correct, access is granted.

Intrigued? Unlock the possibilities by heading over to the project’s setep-by-step breakdown here. Meanwhile, watch it in action below!

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