Check out the first entirely 3D-printed proton pack

Get ready to weaken ghosts by firing a stream of protons from this 3D-printed pack. 

Our friend Thomas Lemieux, more commonly known as ironmanofmaine, has returned with a slick new project. Before beginning the latest iteration of his incredibly impressive (and popular) Iron Man suit, the Maker has created what is surely the world’s first entirely 3D-printed proton pack.


The proton pack is a fictional energy weapon used for weakening ghosts and aiding in capturing them within the Ghostbusters universe. For those unfamiliar with the 1980s flick, it has a hand-held wand (particle thrower) connected to a backpack-sized particle accelerator that is capable of firing a stream of protons that polarizes the negatively charged energy of a ghost, allowing it to be held in the stream.

Stemming from his World Maker Faire 2014 costume, which indeed generated quite a bit of attention, Lemieux has logged his build here. Meanwhile, the photos can also be seen below!






4 thoughts on “Check out the first entirely 3D-printed proton pack

  1. mikepjr

    How much would someone charge me to print one of these for me?
    It’s gotta cost less than the thousands of dollars needed for the other ones that have been molded and what not by other folks…



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