At last, you can 3D print chocolate on demand

Hungry? Why wait? Just 3D print your chocolate bar! 

While we’ve recently seen everything from 3D-printed pizza to ice cream, this next invention is really tempting our sweet tooth. 3D Systems has launched a working prototype of the CocoJet, a chocolate 3D printer developed in collaboration with Hershey.


Ideal for the everyday baker, Maker and chocolatier, the CocoJet prints custom designs in dark, milk or white chocolate. First seen on display at CES 2015, the machine is capable of accepting personalized designs and creating complex structures. The prototype currently uses a modified FDM model, where layers of melted chocolate are extruded then cooled into solid form in a temperature-controlled chamber.

At the moment, the CocoJet can only print four to five bite-sized chocolates per hour. However, in the future, we wouldn’t be too surprising to see the next iteration of the device feature multiple chambers and nozzles to enable speedier, various-flavored designs.


While 3D Systems hasn’t revealed too many details around the sweet creation, the company does intend on sharing its commercial plans for this class of chocolate printers at a later date. From personalized wedding favors to Valentine’s Day gifts, just think of the possibilities. Watch it in action below!

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