Verizon launches connected car product for older vehicles

While a number of today’s cars are becoming increasingly Internet-enabled, what about older vehicles? Shouldn’t they become smarter, too?

During the 2015 North American International Auto Show, Verizon unveiled a new connected car service that enables drivers of older cars to receive roadside assistance as well as learn more about maintenance that may be required. At the moment, over 200 million vehicles currently lacking wireless capabilities in the U.S. alone could benefit from the new solution.


“As one of the largest communications companies in the world, we are dedicated to providing consumers with innovative technology solutions that connect people, solve challenges and inspire change. Verizon Vehicle is a unique and truly holistic aftermarket solution available to over 200 million vehicles on the road today. It affords millions of drivers the power of knowing when things aren’t working well, potentially before a breakdown occurs — fostering a safer, smarter and more economical way to drive and maintain a vehicle,” said Erik Goldman, Verizon Telematics President.

Verizon Announces Service To Help 200 Million Vehicles On The Road Today

The subscription-based service will work on models dating back to 1996, and operates through an OBD reader that can easily be self-installed in the under-dash diagnostic port, a Bluetooth-enabled speaker attached to the visor and a complementary smartphone app. Users can opt to receive alerts via text, call, smartphone notifications or email in the event an issue is detected with their vehicle. Other features will enable drivers to diagnose mechanical problems, talk to car mechanics in real-time and call for help in an emergency. If drivers need assistance, the system’s built-in GPS can identify their exact location and relay this data a tow truck dispatch with precision.


Looking to connect your car? Explore the new solution in more detail here. Meanwhile, don’t forget to read up on miaLinkup, a multi-functional wireless device that is looking to drive your 20-year-old vehicle into the IoT era.

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