BeoSound Moment plays tunes that suit your mood

The latest innovation from Bang & Olufsen is an intelligent and sociable music system that integrates your music collection and streaming services into one.

Back at CES 2015, Copenhagen-based Bang & Olufsen debuted their incredibly innovative BeoSound Moment, which integrates sound collections and services into a playful music system boasting what is surely the world’s very first touch-sensitive wood interface. As advocates of both capacitive touch and Internet-enabled gadgets, we couldn’t help but to fall in love with this musical masterpiece. This smart device is packed with a number of features, including the company’s PatternPlay feature, which enables the system to learn the listening patterns of its users, suggest music or programs that fit a specific time, memorize preferences, and make listening both familiar and explorative with access to more than 35 million songs from streaming service Deezer.

Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Moment

“Over time, BeoSound Moment will gradually start to know your taste in music, and be able to play what you most likely want to hear, without you even having to ask. Just like friendship, it only gets better with time.”

With just one touch of the elegant oak panel, music begins to play based on a user’s personal preferences. Indeed, the BeoSound Moment comes in two parts: a dock/base station and a wooden-interfaced wireless control. The detachable, double-sided UI enables two different listening experiences. Those seeking a somewhat more traditional, controllable style should adhere to its aluminum panel, which is equipped with a touchscreen for engaging interaction. In essence, it’s a tablet.



However, flip it over and users will find an entirely look — an oak side donning wheel control designed for one-touch access to exactly the sound experience that fits the listener’s daily rhythm. The beautiful panel of touch-sensitive wood (embedded with capacitive sensors just under a thin layer of veneer) allows user to have their favorite music flowing from the speakers with just one touch on the wheel.

Since the dual-part BeoSound Moment system is compatible with B&O’s entire range of wired and wireless speakers, the device is capable of integrating digital tunes that best suit a listener’s mood. This works depending on how close their finger is to its center, as the very middle selects from a list of only favorites while the outer parameters tempts listeners to check out more adventurous songs. The MoodWheel is divided into a color gamut that ranges from melancholic blue over a passionate red zone to an energetic yellow area. Combined, these two dimensions on the intuitive MoodWheel offer limitless possibilities for defining your selection of music.

Intrigued? We sure were! You can learn more about the system by visiting its official page here.

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