DiyouPCB is a DIY open-source PCB printer

Makers are designing open source, low-cost tools that allow others to accelerate the manufacturing process right from home.

Inspired by the highly-popular RepRap 3D printers, a pair of Madrid-based brothers have unveiled a new open-source PCB printer powered by an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), along with a custom pickup driver and controller shield.


The open-source platform is equipped with a Blu-Ray optical pickup (PHR-803T) and various UV laser components. More specifically, the PHR-803T incorporates a UV laser diode that functions at a wavelength of 405nm, while the device itself features a build area of 210mm x 170mm and a print speed of 600mm per minute.


Aside from the ATmega328 driven ‘duino, custom PD and PCS, key specs include:

  • Auto-focus: Through astigmatic method
  • Diameter of focused laser beam: ~0.1mm
  • Travel speed: Max. 15,000mm/minute
  • Dimensions: 385 mm x 345mm x 100mm
  • Weight: ~2.6Kg
  • Power: 110V/230V, 50 – 60 Hz, 2A


“The printer is still not perfect. We [need to] further improve the printing quality and solve the problems of the vibrations caused by the stepper motors and the induced by the use of timing belts (backlash and resonances),” the team writes.

Interested in learning more about the DiyouPCB printer? You can assemble your very own by following this detailed step-by-step breakdown.

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