This tiny device is putting an entire workout in your pocket

No time for the gym? This pocket-sized device lets you work on your muscles at the office, on the plane or while watching TV.

In 2014, TAO Wellness wowed the CES crowd with its smartphone-sized WellShell exercise device. This year, the team debuted its consumer-ready version along with a brand new prototype for their TAO Chair, allowing users to burn calories right from the comfort of their living rooms.


Described by its creators as a “Tiny Gym in Your Pocket,” the handheld WellShell 2.0 is the world’s first mobile, isometric workout system. The device — which we had the chance to demo ourselves during our stroll through Eureka Park — is rather unique because unlike a number of other fitness trackers and monitors on the market today, users can actually exercise with TAO, anywhere at anytime.


“With TAO, users can exercise at their desk, on the airplane, while watching TV or watching the kids. The exercises – called Variobics™ – use the same isometric principles as Pilates, yoga and planking. However, TAO takes it a step further by adding a dynamic element. It requires you to vary the pressure by coaching you through your workout, and then electronically capturing the results. People at CES were blown away – doing a set of reps with TAO is serious exercise.”


Powered by an Atmel | SMART SAM3X, the device is packed with a force/pressure sensor, an ultra low-power three-axis accelerometer, an optoelectronic heart rate sensor and a gyroscope. The WellShell 2.0 also boasts an OLED matrix display, RGB LEDs and a tilt-tap-press navigation system.

In addition, the Bluetooth-enabled gadget works with an accompanying mobile app, which coaches users through the exercises in game-like fashion. Exercisers can adjust the intensity and duration of a workout, while the app can monitor heart rate and steps taken as well.


TAO Wellness is on a mission to integrate healthy exercise into one’s day-to-day life, even when work, school or other activities seem to get in the way. Sticking to your New Year’s resolution has never been so easy. Even AVR Man approves!

Interested? Learn more on the company’s official page here.

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