The 30 “smartest” things we saw at CES 2015

Thousands of jam-packed booths, several tech-filled halls, five days, one incredible event. Over the years, CES has become a breeding ground for the wackiest, the wildest and most importantly, the smartest electronic devices to hit the market. And, with the emergence of the Internet of Things, 2015 proved to be no different with the debut of countless new connected products.

While we recently highlighted a few pre-show gizmos, here are some other exciting and eye-catching gadgets we came across over the last week in Vegas.

Motorola Scout 5000 is a connected dog collar with built-in video, GPS and Wi-Fi.


Edyn Garden Sensor lets you know when to water your plants.


Gogoro is a smart scooter that runs on swappable electric batteries.


IO HAWK is a smart skateboard that will change the way you get around.


Sleep Number’s new smart bed for kids can adjust as they grow.


RAYBOT is a water-free solar panel cleaning robot.


Fogo is a smart flashlight that will pack everything from GPS to Bluetooth.


Panasonic’s smart mirror can analyze your skin and preview new makeup styles.


Sengled LED lightbulbs can also serve as a home security system.


LifeQ is using the human body as a sensor to integrate with wearables.


Tao Chair lets you burn calories while sitting in the living room.


Honeywell’s Lyric system is bringing security to the smart home.


Whirlpool’s Top Load Washer is making cleaning laundry easier than ever before.


Parrot’s Smart Pot will make sure you never kill your house plants again.


XelfleX technology can be used to create smarter clothes.


Sensoria smart socks can track your run or workout.


Baby GlGl is a smart bottle to keep babies from getting colicky.


Secure Communicator is a smartphone built inside a watch.


Ebove’s smart bike system allows you to cycle anywhere.


Anova’s Wi-Fi sous vide cooker enables you to precisely set temps remotely.


Digitsole’s smart insoles can track your steps while heating your feet.


Ring is a Wi-Fi-enabled, HD video doorbell.


PicoBrew is a connected home-brewing machine for your own craft beer.


Bionic Bird is a mechanical bird that can be controlled via your smartphone.


Toshiba’s ChihiraAico is an incredibly life-like robot.


Keen Home’s smart vent lets you customize and direct heat to specific rooms.


Edwin is a smart rubber duckie that makes bath time even more fun.


Cooki is an automated robotic chef for your countertop.


Raticator is a mesh-networked rodent trap that uses infrared beams to detect rodents.


JINS smart glasses can tell when your eyes are fatigued.


What were some of your favorite things from CES 2015? Share with us!

12 thoughts on “The 30 “smartest” things we saw at CES 2015

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