Get notified each time you’re tagged on Instagram — through scent

Created by Instructables Design Studio artist Paige Russell, the Scent-imental Notification System releases a predefined scent whenever you’re tagged by a friend on Instagram.


The project utilizes an ATmega32U4 based Arduino module, a littleBits cloudBit, IFTTT, a few custom hashtags, and of course, scented oils. The housing for the unit is comprised of laser-cut plywood.

v02 Arduino

How it works is relatively simple. Using the littleBits cloudBit and IFTTT, as its name implies, the system notifies a user whenever a picture of them is posted on Instagram. The device is equipped with scents that are triggered by three different hashtags, which for Russell were #pupsforpaige, #cheekynature, and #snickersnort.


Each tag activates a designated servo — controlled by the ATmega32U4 module — that release a drop of oil onto a heated glass surface. The scent is then diffused up into the air and fanned towards the user by a servo fan behind the glass. The Arduino determines which servo to activate by reading an incoming voltage from the cloudBit.

Watch in action below! Interested in devising a notification system of your own? You can find a step-by-step breakdown of the build on its official Instructables page, as well as read littleBits’ featured write-up here.

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