Linkio turns any electronic into a smart home device

A team of scientists, engineers and designers have created a home automation system that will let consumers bring any appliance into the Internet of Things era.


Recently launched a Kickstarter, Linkio consists of four megaAVR based modules, each of which enable users to control any electronic device with their smartphone. Three switching devices — a ceiling light switch (Le Switch), an electrical outlet plug (Le Plug) and a universal RC (Le Remote) — are responsible for turning on/off various electronics while its hub (aptly dubbed Le Hub) relays commands to them through an accompanying mobile app.

“We don’t want you to convert your entire house into a smart home system or buy entirely new items under a smart home platform. We simply want you to have the ability to easily control the devices you already own,” a company rep explains.


As its name implies, the Le Switch is a smart switch that controls lights and ceiling fans either manually or by smartphone. While pretty similar to the Le Switch, the Le Plug allows any connected device to be switched on/off through the app, and features a number of international inserts.

Meanwhile, the Le Remote transforms one’s smartphone into a universal remote for any in-home device — such as the air conditioning unit, DVD player or TV set — once paired with an existing IR remote’s sequences and buttons.

Most importantly, the Le Hub is the main component of the automation system, which connects to any Internet box and serves as the link between the intelligent appliances and each of the Linkio modules. This unit is compatible with ZigBee, Z-wave and 433/860 MHz devices, and is equipped with native USB port.


In true open-source fashion, Makers and engineers will also have the ability to expand upon their home automation system through Linkio’s developer pack. This allows users to either create independent modules without the use of external microcontrollers and to control the elements via API, or to use the DevKit as a communication module with any MCU.

Interested in making your home appliances smarter? Head on over to Linkio’s official Kickstarter page, where the team is currently seeking €50,000.

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