Imagining an ad-free Internet with AdTrap

Particularly in the holiday season, many of us are bombarded with advertisements as we surf the web. While there may not be a whole heck of a lot we can do about other forms of ads (like billboards or digital signage) we come across throughout the day, a Palo Alto-based company is however letting us eradicate adverts from our computer, mobile device and even smart TV screens.


In essence, AdTrap is an ad-filtering, open-source hardware device that simply plugs into your Internet router and banishes ads from your entire network. The creation, which first successfully debuted on Kickstarter two years ago, is the brainchild of Makers Chad Russell and Charles Butkus as they reminisced the ad-free “glory days” of the Internet.


The white rectangular box, resembling a wireless router and costs $129, is packed with an Atmel | SMART AT91SAM9X25 MCU, 128MB RAM, 256MB Flash for storage, two ethernet ports, two CAN buses, a serial port, a software modem, USB host/device as well as a ZigBee interface. AdTrap is also based on open-source Linux firmware, which its creators say can be easily tweaked.


And for those wishing to access certain ads or sites, you can still do so by easily configuring your own set of rule filters using its online management system. So, are you ready to browse the web without any interruptions? You can more about the Atmel | SMART based device by visiting its official site here.

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