Brewing up a coffeemaker payment system with ATmega328

Maker Oliver Krohn — who you may remember from his recent Juraduino device — has now modded an off-the-shelf Jura Impressa S95 coffeemaker to include an AVR powered RFID payment system.


The system is driven by an ATmega328 based board, an RFID reader, a Bluetooth module along with a few other components, all enclosed in a plastic case. The board communicates with the coffeemaker using its service (serial) port, which means you won’t risk voiding the machine’s warranty.


How it works is relatively simple: A user taps his or her contactless identification card over the RFID reader, which reveals the account balance. If enough credits remain, the coffeemaker will pour a hot cup ‘o joe.


The Arduino-like board connects to an Android smartphone via the machine’s embedded Bluetooth module. The companion application, which was devised using MIT’s app inventor, allows the coffeemaker owner to register and maintain up to 40 users, charge or delete accounts, keep track of credits, as well as update the coffee pricing list.

Has this project perked your interest? You can read all the build and access its code here.

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