Sort through M&M’s in speed with this iPhone-controlled machine

While we’ve seen plenty of candy-sorting machines in recent months, an anonymous reviewmylife blogger has devised a pretty sweet creation that’ll have you sifting through treats faster than ever before. Not only for the everyday chocolate lover, this contraption can be quite useful for concert venues looking to book Van Halen or Mariah Carey, whose rider requests demand no brown and yellow M&M’s, respectively, in their backstage candy bowls.


The Maker claims that the DIY device is faster than most other sorters, which works by registering the candy’s’ color using an iPhone 5 camera. The high-speed M&M machine is equipped with a 12V 80RPM high torque motor that controls a rotating plate, before releasing one candy at a time through a hole.


As the M&M falls, the iPhone deciphers its color and communicates via Bluetooth to an Arduino Mega (ATmega1280). The Arduino then uses an eight-channel relay to fire off electromagnet-controlled gates that send the candy piece down a chute and into the appropriate bin.


Although much quicker than other DIY M&M sorting projects, the blogger notes that there is still plenty of work to do. As good as the iPhone’s color sensing capabilities may be, the device still has trouble deciphering brown candies. “They are a pain to distinguish from orange and shadow. Obviously it can be done but it would need a bit more software work and perhaps some LED lighting on the chute to reduce the effect of the shadows,” he added. The Maker also says that he’d like to get the parts for the machine 3D-printed in the near future.

Pretty sweet, right? See it in action below!

Intrigued? You can read all about the project on its official page here. Meanwhile, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a number of some other Atmel powered candy contraptions here.

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