Controlling a Christmas tree with tweets

In just 140 characters or less, anyone with a Twitter account can illuminate the lights on this interactive Christmas tree, developed by New Jersey-based Oxford Communications.


Simply tweeting any of a pre-defined set of hashtags to the aptly dubbed @Oxmas_Tree will not only activate 1,000 LED lights on the nine-foot installation, but will turn on both its star topper and accompanying menorah. For instance, using the hashtag #snow will trigger a white light, #comfort red, #wish blue, and #joy green. Looking for an extra tree-t? Tweeting #secret will provoke a special light embedded inside a reindeer ornament, while #brilliant will enable all of its features at once.


In an effort to spur even more engagement, the team has been unveiling a new hashtag each day, which is configured to control additional portions of the tree. Each of the 1,000 lights are strung around on the installation and are connected to an [Atmel based] Arduino housed inside a wooden box at its base. The Arduino communicates to the web through CAT 5, and pulls responses based on what users are saying on Twitter. A customized code then transforms these tweets and hashtags into electronic impulses, which emit each of the respective lights on the tree.

Watch it in action below!

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