WORDY recites vocabulary, plays Pong and makes decisions

If you recall, MicroView is a chip-sized platform equipped with a built-in OLED (64×48) display allowing Makers to see what the board is “thinking” without having to link with a PC.

 The device, which was an immediate Kickstarter hit, is built around the ATmega328P MCU. And while we may not have seen too many projects come through just yet using the uber-tiny ‘duino display, Elecia White has made up for the lull by devising a rather nifty ring, aptly named WORDY. Spelling bee geeks, rejoice!


“The size and shape of the MicroView just cried out to be made into a ring, and for that, [Elicia] is using air-drying bendy polymer clay. To attach the clay to the MicroView, [Elecia] put some female headers in a breadboard, and molded the clay over them into a ring shape. It works, and although [Elecia] didn’t do anything too tricky with the headers and clay, there are some interesting things you could do running wires through the clay,” Hackaday’s Brian Benchoff notes.


Elecia sought out to create a ring that when tapped, would give her a word. If tapped again, it would display the definition. Aside from being a word-of-the-day-like device, the wearable can also serve as a personal Magic 8-Ball for those indecisive individuals.

Though we’ve seen the game of Tetris played on a Maker’s bracelet, we’ve never seen the insanely-popular game of Pong on a ring. Elecia controls the game paddles through finger movement using its embedded accelerometer.


One other key feature of the MicroView-based project is its distinct punch mode. Whenever a user makes an air-punch (or shake), WORDY shows a corresponding punch word (i.e. “BIFF, Pow!”) along with a few rectangles for added effect. However, for it to function properly, Elecia does warn that you need to mean it.

If you like it, then you should put a WORDY ring on it! You can find the Maker’s entire project here. Word up!

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