This shivering bracelet explores time

Created by Skrekkøgle (Theo Tveterås and Lars Marcus Vedeler), Durr is officially described a “shivering” unisex bracelet designed to help humans question their conventional understanding of time. 


The extremely minimalist, 3D-printed wearable literally shivers every five minutes, creating a haptic rhythm for wearers to notice the changing tempo of time and alter their perception of it as it passes by.

Adorn this wearable to your wrist and you will surely begin reinterpreting how long it takes to hitch a ride on public transit, wait in line at Starbucks, or even how long it takes to finish that leisurely latte.


Each bracelet is unique as the casings are handmade and the vibration varies slightly due to the motors’ inherent variances. The aluminum and leather surface also varies from piece to piece. In addition, the ‘timepiece’ component of the Durr is rather nondescript for a watch, which is perhaps why its creators have aptly dubbed the wearable a bracelet instead. With no need to keep track of the hours, designers Tveterås and Vedeler decided to forgo the clock face altogether, rather implementing a solid, sandblasted anodized aluminum body.

The design of the bracelet was facilitated by an [Atmel poweredMakerBot 3D printer, which helped the duo manufacture both the durable enclosure and friction-fasteners. On the hardware side, Durr was prototyped using an Arduino board and sketch, with its earliest versions powered by an ATtiny45 MCU and a single (replaceable) CR2032 battery that lasts up to two months.

After some further iterations with the internal components, the next task was to use their multiple 3D print iterations to help find the ideal housing size to fit their final, fully-functioning concept — which was later built around the Norwegian Gecko 32-bit MCU. For the minimalist ‘bracelet’ strap, the duo chose a sturdy and high-quality Spanish leather.

While Skrekkøgle says Durr was an “internal experiment” to try and gauge public interest in the project, having only 50 units made as part of a limited alpha run, today the Durr is now readily available in Smog, Salmon, Asphalt, and Pistachio colors.


Interested in learning more about the Durr? The wishing to get a better sense of time can check out the project’s official page here.

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