What the puck? Mistletoe drones help spread holiday cheer

While we’ve recently explored a number of innovative uses for drones, TGI Fridays has added yet another. This holiday season, the restaurant chain will have UAVs play cupid in select locations, all in an effort to entice guests to make their date night more spirited.


How it works is simple: The mistletoe-equipped drones will fly around the dining establishment and hover over couples trying to enjoy their fried green beans and Jack Daniel’s Burgers. When they kiss under the flying apparatus, they are awarded special gift cards to continue their holiday merriment. No kiss? No gift card for you!

In addition to the festive garland, the restaurant chain’s drone also features an HD kiss cam and is capable of capturing up to 20 minutes of spooching.


“At Fridays, we decided to put a little extra ‘happy’ into the holidays by rolling out the Mobile Mistletoe this December,” explained Brian Gies, TGI Fridays CMO. “We’re inviting friends to get together to enjoy a more spirited holiday season inspired by a little Mobile Mistletoe mischief. If guests show a little love under the mistletoe, Fridays might just show them a little love with some nice holiday gifts.”

Now, the idea of floating a UAV over patrons isn’t entirely a bad one. In fact, Gizmodo recently compiled a comical list of some other drone-driven restaurant experiences that could make eating even more enjoyable in the future.

If you recall, mistletoe drones helped spread their holiday cheer right there in the Bay Area last year, but this is the first time they’ll be hovering inside restaurants.

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