Heads or tails! This coin flipper is powered by an ATmega328

This project by Maker Max Kessler is exactly what it looks and sounds like: a coin flipper. The robotics and programming behind the gizmo were based on an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), a mini photocell, and a Jameco 12V DC Motor.


While the prototype was devised using medium-density fiberboard (MDF), the final model was comprised of custom-cut 1/8” acrylic. “Using the angles, spring ratios, and spacing, I was able to create a more developed model,” Kessler writes. “I used a mini photocell to measure the proximity of the hand to the landing pad.”

Once ready to go, the sensor determines the proximity of the coin using analog output. Meanwhile, a NeoPixel ring indicates that the flipper is in action, creating a simple yet elegant interpretation for “a typically over-looked interaction.”


So… heads or tails? Call it in the air! While it certainly may not be the most complex contraption we’ve seen recently, it’s pretty cool nevertheless! Check out the ATmega328 powered project in action below!

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