SAM G family and Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 among EDN’s Hot 100 Products of 2014

Another year, another couple of spots on EDN’s Hot 100 Products list! Just announced, the industry publication has chosen both the newly-unveiled Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 and the Atmel | SMART SAM G family among this 2014’s hottest boards and development tools helping to enable key trends like the Internet of Things, wearables and security, as well emerging technologies such as 3D printing and wireless power.

“Of the many thousands of products announced during the past year, the EDN Hot 100 are the products that especially caught the attention of our editors and readers. We are pleased to share the tradition of showcasing these technologies as we celebrate the 21st anniversary of this program,” said Rich Pell, EDN’s Executive and Chief Technical Editor.

The SAM G ARM Cortex-M4-based MCU lineup integrates high-performance and ultra-low power in a small form factor, and is ideal for a wide-range of sensor hub and battery-operated consumer applications, including healthcare, gateways, bridges and audio devices.


Optimized for ultra-low power, high-performance applications, Atmel’s SAM G MCU family can be found in products shipping from Tier 1 OEMs around the world from wearables to sensor hub management solutions in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The family is based on an ARM Cortex-M4 core for unparalleled efficiency, and optimized with a highly efficient set of serial peripherals including a 12-bit ADC, DMA, a good SRAM-to-flash ratio and an optional floating point unit (FPU).

In the rapidly growing market for smart, connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) era, there is a demand for MCUs with ultra-small form factors, rich features, high performance and lower power. As a result, Atmel’s new SAM G51 and SAM G53 series meet all these requirements with 3x3mm packaging, high-performance frequency at 48MHz, ultra-low power consumption down to 100µA/MHz in active mode, 7µA in sleep with SRAM retention and down to 3µs wake-up time.

“This recognition further validates Atmel as a leading provider of smart, connected solutions for the booming IoT market,” explained Vince Murdica, Atmel Senior Director of Sensor Centric Systems Business Unit. “Atmel is committed to providing best-in-class MCU, touch, connectivity and security solutions for IoT applications. Our SAM G family sets the bar for wearables and sensor hub processing capabilities, affirmed by EDN’s selection. We’re thrilled EDN readers and editors have awarded Atmel’s SAM G family in EDN’s Hot 100 Products for 2014.”

Meanwhile, the ongoing collaboration between both Arduino and Atmel has produced a new Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 which made its debut at the World Maker Faire back in September. The shield looks to facilitate rapid prototyping of IoT applications on the highly-popular open-source platform.


The cost-effective, secure Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 is an easy-to-use extension that can seamlessly be connected to any Arduino board enabling high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity. This new device gives the design community more opportunities to securely connect applications, ranging from consumer goods to wearables, robotics, high-tech devices and more.

The Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 is powered by Atmel’s wireless network controller — part of the Atmel SmartConnect family — and also includes the CryptoAuthentication device which allows users to easily incorporate hardware authentication capability in their design.


Makers can now sync the shield to any modern Arduino R3 board, thereby enabling connectivity to the Internet using any traditional Wi-Fi access points. It is based on the WINC1500 802.11b/g/n network controller which features an integrated TCP/IP stack, TLS security and SoftAP for seamless provisioning. The Atmel authentication security device can be used for keys, passwords or secret data.

“In this increasingly connected world, the Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 will help drive more inventions in the IoT market,” explained Arduino Co-Founder Massimo Banzi. “Expanding our portfolio of Arduino extensions, this new shield can flawlessly connect to any modern Arduino board giving our community more options for connectivity, along with added security elements to their creative projects.”

With IoT, low power and security among EDN’s annual trends, it’s no wonder both the Wi-Fi Shield 101 and SAM G family have been named to the list. Want to read the entire press release? You can do so here.

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