Video: Maker creates a useless self-tipping fedora

A Maker by the name Michael Nichols has created one of the most useless or useful pieces of headwear, depending on how many times a day you tip your fedora.

Following the recent success of his Arduino Uno (ATmega328) powered project Useless Rubber Duck, Nichols experienced an endless stream of comments from fellow Reddit users, all of whom tipped their figurative fedora in praise. According to the Maker, his latest creation — aptly dubbed Useless Wireless Hat — was inspired by the stereotypical joke of Redditors as “overweight guys with neck beards, who wear fedoras because it makes them feel classy, and when they see a woman, the tip the fedora and say ‘M’lady.”

Well, in a humorous effort to fight back, Nichols decided to steal that conception and devise this slick remote-controlled, self-tipping cap. Watch it in action below, M’ladies!


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