Breach Brief: Hackers breach U.S. weather systems and satellite network

Hackers from China were recently able to breach the government computer network at the agency that oversees the National Weather Service,  officials revealed.


What information was breached? According to The Washington Post, NOAA officials also would not say whether the attack removed material or inserted malicious software in its system, which is used by civilian and military forecasters in the United States and also feeds weather models at the main centers for Europe and Canada. NOAA operates a network of weather satellites and websites that distribute crucial information to public and private organizations, including forecasts for airlines and other transportation companies.

When did it happen? The intrusion occurred in late September but officials gave no indication of the problem until October 20, three people familiar with the hack explained.

What are they saying? NOAA spokesman Scott Smullen confirmed in a statement that four websites were “compromised by an Internet-sourced attack,” forcing the agency to perform unscheduled maintenance in recent weeks.

With the number of breaches on the rise, can you be sure you know who’s inside your network?

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