BIZZBY Sky trials on-demand drone delivery via real-time app

When it comes to the concept of delivery by drone, what’s not to love? While we’ve already seen major couriers like DHL and Amazon Prime prepare to take flight, a number of other companies ranging from Domino’s Pizza to Google also have their minds set on the sky.


Now, on-demand lifestyle services app BIZZBY has begun trials of a collect-and-deliver autonomous drone delivery service, which is capable of shipping small objects in real-time at the touch of a smartphone button. In addition, the London-based company says that the flying ‘copter can show real-time footage from an on-board camera.


In a recent statement, BIZZBY reveals that drones can be requested in seconds to arrive at a pick-up location within minutes. Talk about speedy delivery!

“An automated secure storage box is released to accept delivery items of up to 500 grams. At the tap of a button the drone departs to the delivery address, while an on­board camera delivers real­time footage of its journey to the recipient directly within the app. On arrival, the item is released from the secure compartment,” the company writes.


With the emergence of the Internet of Things and ubiquity of smart devices, BIZZBY is hoping to enable everyone to book their own delivery drone in a matter of seconds. Unlike other attempts before it, the company is focused on moving everyday items between everyday people.

“We are currently focused on delivering on­-demand lifestyle services from cleaning, handymen, beauty, deliveries to everyday help and believe in using technology to make our lives easier. As the pioneer of on­-demand services we believe drone delivery is the future and we’re at the forefront of its development,” says Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio, BIZZBY Founder and CEO.


The project’s greatest constraint at the moment are the UK’s civil aviation authority (CAA) regulations, battery power, weight and flight distance. Currently, the unmanned vehicles are able to fly at heights nearing 400-feet using built-in sensors to avoid collisions and adhere to restricted fly zones. In an attempt to counter the battery issue, the drones also include a reserve battery to help get the drone home safely.

“Although it may seem futuristic, technology is advancing rapidly and it’s a matter of time before we’re able to roll the service out to the public,” explains Luvaglio. “This is the future and we’re proud to be the first UK company driving innovation, just imagine the possibilities this opens up from delivering important documents, keys to urgent medical supplies ­ the sky’s the limit.”

Door-to-door delivery is just one of many applicable uses of these unmanned aerial vehicles — many of which powered by AVR microcontrollers — and rely upon real-time apps. As our friends at PubNub recently wrote, no matter what the use case is, you need a way to signal and control those drones in real-time. With PubNub Data Streams (which now support Arduino), you can send and receive data between IoT embedded devices and microcontrollers, enabling Internet of Things developers to build interactive and powerful drone applications.

You can stay up-to-date with the latest developments from the team by visiting their official website here. Meanwhile, you can access their full announcement here.

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