A dress that helps protects your personal space

Maker Kathleen McDermott recently debuted the “Personal Space Dress,” an article of clothing that literally expands a wearer’s personal buffer zone.


The dress is the second in a series of projects dubbed Urban Armor, which consists of playful, Arduino-powered pieces that help women assert control over their personal and public space. In the case of the Personal Space Dress, a pair of proximity sensors and a plastic armature allow the garment’s hemline to expand outward when a fellow individual comes too close to the wearer.


According to McDermott, her Atmel based dress will help the industry explore a broader audience for wearables. In fact, the Maker notes, “I wanted to explore how wearable technology could impact a person’s physical world, and help the wearers augment their personal expression and agency in public space.”

If you’re the type who likes their space, luckily McDermott plans on making instructions and sketches for the Arduino-driven dress available for download at some point in the near future.

The Maker does warn, however, that “while these devices (are for the most part) not actually viable solutions for societal problems… they do provoke conversations, not only about social issues, but about the future of technology in our everyday lives.”


3 thoughts on “A dress that helps protects your personal space

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