Maker builds a 3D-printed robotic parrot

While this may not be the first time both robotics and 3D printing came together to bring an idea to life, it is surely amongst the most incredible. Maker Brian Matthews — who runs the website Flapping Sprocket — recently created a 3D-printed, robotic parrot powered by an Arduino Mega (ATmega1280). Had the project been feathered, it could’ve surely passed for the real deal.


According to Matthews, the apparatus was built entirely from scratch. Aside from the ATmega1280 based ‘duino running animation code, the robotic parrot is comprised of seven servo motors, a skeleton printed from ABS plastic (except for the wings which are made from PLA), an IR distance sensor from Adafruit, as well as a 6-volt battery to power the featherless creature.


Matthews used the drawing program Sketchup to design all the parts. The Maker tells that he began with the shell by downloading a previously drawn version just to get an idea as to what a three-dimensional parrot would look like.

According to, once Matthews had a fairly good idea of its aesthetics and functionality, he discarded the original download and started from ground zero by tracing profile and front views of a parrot using online photos.

Interested in learning more about the build? You can check out its writeup here.





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