Creating an inexpensive and tiny AVR programmer

A young Maker by the name of Ian M. recently decided to see just how inexpensively he could build an AVR ISP programmer. Based on the vusbtiny AVR programmer design, Ian’s creation omits two resisters and two diodes, leaving just four components.


“Turns out you don’t need two of the resistors, or the diode. My schematics are released into the public domain, and the original code stays under its original license,” the Maker writes.

The remaining parts included a 1.5k resistor, a small capacitor, a USB connector, a six pin header, and of course, an Atmel ATtiny45. Ian does warn that the design may not be entirely up to USB specifications, but it is functional.


Want to learn more about this tiny, tiny AVR programmer? You can read all about his build here.

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