Domo arigato, ATtiny13 drives Mr. Roboto!

When it comes to Halloween, of course parents can head on down to their nearest party store to find a Disney or superhero costume; however, many find it much more enjoyable (and cost-effective) to create their own homebrewed getups. After his son decided to be a robot for the long-awaited evening of trick-or-treating, a Maker by the name of Michael did just that and built one in its entirety.


Sure, a little gray spray paint and a dryer vent hose makes for a decent costume, but adding some cool electronics certainly takes it to the next level! Subsequently, Michael turned to an Atmel ATtiny13 MCU to drive a pair of 74HC595 shift registers that light up LEDs randomly.



The 30-odd lines of coding utilize the random() function to shift high or low values to the shift registers. After a brief pause, the cycle continues and a new pattern of LEDs light up. Another perk? The electronics embedded within the robot can easily be transferred to another theme… think Buzz Lightyear! The possibilities span from infinity to beyond!

Check out the video of Michael’s intergalactic robot son below…

Interested in a DIY costume of your own for this weekend’s festivities? Head over to the full project page here.


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