OK Go’s new drone-film music video is epic

Throughout the years, OK Go have made a name for themselves through a series of extremely innovative yet low-budget music videos. As a result, it’s no surprise the band was selected as ambassadors for this year’s White House Maker Faire by President Obama himself.


Embodying true Maker spirit, the alternative rock band decided to record the video for its latest hit “I Won’t Let You Down” by using a drone-mounted camera, which gave way for, as you can expect, some epic aerial footage and unprecedented visual mobility. As if the unicycles were enough, when the band makes its way outside, the unmanned vehicles follow them, soaring upwards to reveal a sea of dancers in a kaleidoscopic-like choreography of colored umbrellas.

We think Bare Conductive’s Matt Johnson said it best, “WHOA.”

From once inconceivable footage to awe-inspiring art, there are countless ways [AVR powered] drones can be used today. Here are 18 of them.



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