Capture the moment with this Arduino Yún cat camera

Do you have cats that enjoy doing funny things while you’re away? Does it always seem like the moment you go to grab the phone, they stop? Well, one Maker going by the name “Neuroballs” recently created a special cat-powered camera with a PIR motion sensor using an Arduino Yún (ATmega32u4)


When the Arduino detects a motion, the camera simply snaps a picture — making it super easy to capture memories while out at work. According to the Maker, the application pulls photos from an USB webcam connected to the Yún every five minutes, saves them periodically on a microSD card. The most recent ones are then automatically uploaded to a web host, while a little script transforms the pictures in the folder to an online gallery.


Unable to get a clear snapshot? The Maker says an optional step of adding a PIR motion sensor will solve that.

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