Infographic: 2014’s top data breaches (so far)

Dating back to last December, a string of major data breaches have affected nearly every sector, including a number of today’s most notable brands. This infographic from DataBreachToday highlights some of the most significant breaches, based on what each publicly disclosed around the incident.

Evident by the surge in cyber crime, the world has become a serious hackathon with real consequences; and, unfortunately, it is likely that it’ll only get worse with the rise of mobile communications, cloud computing, and the growth of autonomous computing devices and the Internet of Things.

So, what can be done about these growing threats against secure data? Here’s how to ensure trust in our constantly-connected world.


And, it appears that the general public is now cognizant of these threats, casting its doubts on the security of their data. With the growing number of breaches and vulnerabilities, a recent Gallup poll has revealed that Americans are more likely to worry about hackers accessing and stealing their personal information than any other crime, including burglary and murder. Specifically, 69% of these respondents claimed they frequently or occasionally fret over the notion of having their credit card information stolen by cyber criminals. These worries are justified, too. Over 25% of all Americans have experienced some form of card information theft, making it the most frequently cited crime on the infographic from Forbes below.


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