Devising a DIY Walkman-like USB HID

Since most cheap keyboards lack a set of extra buttons, Pengu Robotics decided to craft their own USB human interface device using an ATmega8 MCU.


Not only does it resemble a retro Walkman from the ‘80s, but is equipped with a series of buttons: forward, previous, play/pause button as well as a volume knob. Each of these functions are standard in terms of USB specification, so no driver is required.


Rounding out the full DIY effect, the Maker wrote its own HID descriptors, connected the buttons and housed the components inside a 3D-printed case.

Want to create your own USB multimedia controller? Instead of using an ATmega8, Hackaday suggests using an Arduino Leonardo or Micro (both of which are based on ATmega32u4), or Due (SAM3X8E) — where this functionality is already built-in.

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