ATtiny85 powers this spooky skull lamp

Maker Stefano Guglielmetti recently brought to our attention a capacitive sensor-controlled, LED skull lamp that’ll make for quite the spook-tacular decoration for your next All Hallow’s Eve festivities. Powered by an ATtiny85 MCU, his artisanal skull project is a perfect blend of fun and humor with a touch of DIY.

The idea of this hack came shortly after Guglielmetti’s first encounter with the ceramic lamp dubbed Yorick from vión design. According to its website, the lamp is a timeless sculptural skull symmetrically divided in two by light and fitted with a fabric flex, mounted switch.


“As soon as I saw one of these [Yorik] lamps, I decided to experiment with them because they’re so beautiful that the classic on/off switch didn’t do them justice.”

After recently studying the Arduino capsense library, Guglielmetti felt that a capacitive sensor would be an innovative way to turn the lamp on and off without the use of an ordinary switch. To enable this, the basic idea was to paint the lamp’s interior with some electric ink from our friends at Bare Conductive.

To facilitate his prototype, the Maker decided to use an ATtiny85.

“The best thing about ATtiny is that you can use Arduino for prototyping, and then, with very small code adjustments, burn the code into the ATtiny, make the circuit supersmall, and go to production,” Guglielmetti revealed in a detailed blog tutorial.

Looking for that final decorative piece for your haunted house? Check out the project’s page with instructions.

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