Create a twinkling hack-o-lantern for Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween? Are you queuing up some old Misfits MP3s, watching The Crow and breaking out those twinkling jack-o-lanterns for All Hallows’ Eve? Don’t want to use traditional wax candles or buy a jack-o-lantern light? Well, you can always do what Maker Johannes Bauer did and code your very own pseudo-random flickering LED.

In order to accomplish this feat, the Maker only required a few components: four slightly depleted AA batteries, a super bright LED, 680 ohm resistor and a custom code on an 8-pin ATtiny13 MCU.

Essentially, Bauer used avr-gcc to compile, package his code and build scripts for download. As expected, the hex file can be flashed over to the chip using avrdude or AVR Studio.

A fan of carving pumpkins? Have a few tinyAVRs laying around? Go ahead and create your own ‘hack’-a-lantern!

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