Telefónica launches Lego-like blocks for the Internet of Things

Telefónica has launched what it describes as the first Internet of Things (IoT) product enabling consumers to connect just about any device wirelessly to the web. The new product, dubbed ‘Thinking Things,’ is a simple plug-and-play solution based on Lego-like modules with 2G connectivity that allow Makers to develop their own smart solutions without any programming know-how or having to install an additional infrastructure.

The first Thinking Things pack to be marketed by the company is an ambient kit pack, a set of modules that enables users to remotely monitor in real-time the temperature, humidity and light intensity of a given place, and to program automated tasks. According to the company, an additional host of modules such as presence, pressure, humidity and temperature sensors, impact meters, audio and LED notifications, and timers can be added as well.

Telefónica specified that the modules can be pieced together by simply fitting them on top of each other like Lego blocks. The device then automatically connects with the Thinking Things software platform in the cloud and starts to monitor all the defined parameters and execute the pre-programmed commands.

Then, there is also a developer kit, which was produced in collaboration with Arduino and comes with an API that offers developers the ability to devise their own IoT offerings. This newly-revealed kit features a fully-functional core and battery module, an ATmega328 based generic module PCB, a full module for plastic enclosing, as well as wires that enable a Maker to connect a protoboard to the Thinking Things stack.

Interested in learning more? Check out Telefónica’s official website here.

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