Now this is the smallest ‘duino derivative

Alright, alright, we stand corrected… somewhat. Writing for Hackaday, Brian Benchoff has revealed that Maker by the name of “AtomSoftTech” was able to create an even smaller ‘duino derivative than our previously mentioned, shrunken down Nanite 85.

Measuring in a 0.4” x 0.3”, AtomSoftTech’s ATtiny85 board includes the passives, reset switch and USB connector. “The USB connector is a surface mount vertical part, making the USB cord stick out the top of this uC board. The reset button is extremely small as well, sticking out of the interior layer of the PCB sandwich.”


How did he manage to do this? As Benchoff explains, “Cheating, splitting the circuit onto two stacked boards, or knowing the right components, depending on how you look at it.”

For those interested in obtaining one of your own, the Maker has made his ‘tiny85 board available on OSH Park. Okay, new challenge: Who can make the LARGEST Arduino?

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