Halloween-spiration for some paw-some costumes

Makers, rejoice! One of our favorite holidays is quickly approaching — a celebration full of carving, candy consumption, and of course, DIY costumery. Though, we can adorn our own bodies with tricked-out costumes, what about our furry four-legged friends? These two Atmel powered costumes from Adafruit should provide some Halloween-spiration!

Adafruit’s Becky Stern recently demonstrated how to transform a pair of Doggles into cyberpunk-style glasses with a rotating laser. The Maker figured out that with children and sugar-loaded revelers abundant on Halloween, lighting up a ground-level pooch was a favorable idea. Using a Trinket 3v MCU (ATtiny85), a set of clear dog goggles and a laser diode as the center of the device, this invention will surely be a hit on the scene.


A small servomotor allows the laser to move back and forth, while playfully recreating the scanning beams of our favorite sci-fi heroes. Intrigued? You can acces the entire tutorial here. (Note: Now, while being the ghastliest ghoul on Halloween is one goal, safety is another of paramount of importance. Before assembling this build for your precious pet, make sure you read through Adafruit’s safety guidelines.)

Whether a fan of the smash hit Doctor Who or not, we’ve got another canine costume that will have partygoers oohing and ahhing this October 31st.


Adafruit has also showed off a TARDIS-inspired sweater that utilizes a FLORA wearable processor and an MP3 music player module to emit the iconic sound from the show’s time machine, while NeoPixels are used for the blinking blue light on top to round out the TV prop. With the ATmega32u4 MCU based wearable platform at the center of the creation, the sweater remains lightweight for even the smallest dogs. Need a few minutes of silence on your trick-or-treat route? An infrared receiver is added to mute the sound when you want quiet.


Now, if you combine these two costume ideas into one Maker-approved ensemble, you will have the most haunting hound on All Hallows’ Eve!

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