The smaller, smarter Nomiku is making sous-vide cooking easier

In an attempt to make sous vide cooking more accessible to the home chef, the team behind the Nomiku Immersion Circulator recently turned to Kickstarter to unveil a new prototype that features Wi-Fi connectivity.


Its creators describe sous vide cooking as “cooking food in a low temperature water bath while your ingredients are under a vacuum seal in a plastic bag.” In fact, cooking food at a sustained temperature in a sealed environment allows for the most delicious and ideal chemical reactions to occur within food. Interestingly enough, sous vide cooking doesn’t fall in line with the “quick and easy” mantra of many modern meals. That said, even though it takes slightly longer than a microwave dinner, the end result is undeniably tasty.


Catering to the rapidly growing Internet of Things, the newest evolution of the Nomiku includes Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables the clip-on device to be controlled by a smartphone. To further streamline the product, the team developed a single knob for controlling temperature, in addition to a fully-functional touchscreen. Compared to its original design, the recently-unveiled Nomuku clips to the front of the pan rather than the back, and can work with as little as 1.5 inches of water depth, while heating with an impressive 1200W of power.


Embedded with an ATtiny88 MCU, the Nomiku is equipped to receive inputs from the accompanying Tender smartphone application. Tender — available on both the iOS and Android platforms — grants users the ability to share recipes throughout the sous vide cooking community. With a few clicks and the correct ingredients, a home chef could have a Gordon Ramsay-like recipe brewing on their stove in just a matter of minutes.


With all of these additional features, the second iteration of the Nomiku Immersion Circulator (unsurprisingly) reached its $200,000 Kickstarter goal in a matter of 12 hours, garnering just over $750,000 throughout its campaign. Previously, sous vide cooking has been reserved for high-class restaurants and foodie-centric reality shows. With the widespread adoption of the Atmel powered Nomiku, a true home food revolution could be at hand… or well, clipped to your pan.

“We wanted everyone to create restaurant quality food in their own kitchen.” CEO Lisa Fetterman explains. To further grow the home sous vide chef community, the Nomiku team plans to constantly release recipes on their blog and through their various social media accounts.

To learn more about or to pre-order the Nomiku, you can head over to their official page here.

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