Video: Playing the world’s largest online Mastermind game

If you feel like your 70″ LED television may just no longer be big enough for your gaming skills, you’re in luck. Thanks to sound artist Håkan Lidbo, you can now play a game of Mastermind displayed on the exterior of Stockholm’s 300-foot-tall NOD building.


Lidbo has teamed up with students from Royal School of Technology and Science to develop an interface that transforms one of the Swedish city’s largest structures into an online computer game, entitled “Play The House.”

The technology is centered around  wireless LED Philips Hue bulbs, which are arranged in a number of the windows and represent pixels in the game. Every night, from 6 pm to 6 am CET, the entire building becomes a real-time interface via a camera stream from a nearby building.

Want to play? Anyone can visit the official Play The House website, then be coupled with another player to prepare for a mega Mastermind battle. Players simply select colors from the color palette to create their secret code, and then attempt to guess an opponent’s color combination.


“When a small board game is being blown up in this size, and you realize how easily it’s done, you wonder if architects all over the world shouldn’t consider making their houses look more like games,” Lidbo explains.

The NOD building is just one of hopefully many to be transformed into a gigantic game interface.

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