Making an ATmega1280 powered vodka shot dispenser

A simple glass of ice isn’t enough for someone as creative as Ben Armstrong. For a product design project at Brunel University, the Maker developed this slick coin-operated vodka shot dispenser that would fit perfectly in any man cave or college frat house.


The drink-delivering unit accepts coins and after the required amount of change is deposited, the device will begin pouring ice-cold shots of the desired alcoholic beverage. An IR sensor seeks out the glass, while two solenoid valves dispense the correct volume of liquid. An LCD screen, which displays the price of the booze, also will command the user to consume their liquid once it is poured. Instead of peer pressure, could we call that CPU pressure?

An Arduino Mega (ATmega1280) handles all of the bartending duties for Armstrong’s design. The dispenser can pour up to four shots at a time, so don’t forget to invite some friends over if you build your own model. Ben and his team believe there may be a commercial market for a device like this and are considering possible commercializing of the beverage ‘bot. Perhaps, we will be seeing this innovative gadget on Kickstarter in due time?

Want to see the dispenser in action? Watch the video below, and scroll to 1:27.

2 thoughts on “Making an ATmega1280 powered vodka shot dispenser

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