A fully 3D-printed estate is coming to New York

While we have covered some pretty awesome 3D-printed homes here on Bits & Pieces, this one certainly takes the cake. Adam Kushner and his team are planning to 3D print an entire 2,400-square-foot house that, of course, comes with a 3D-printed swimming pool.


The New York-based contractor has made a name for himself in the construction industry over the last 25 years, and when he met Italian 3D printer extraordinaire Enrico Dini, ideas started brewing. With help from James Wolff, the trio developed a plan to bring Dini’s famed D-Shape printer to American soil.

According to 3DPrint.com, Dini’s printer has the ability to combine sand or other materials with a magnesium-based binder to create stone-like objects. This allows for the assembly of entire buildings and structures. The group has scheduled the shipment of Dini’s printer to the U.S. in early 2015.

Motherboard reports that the Maker kicked of the project by also tasking Kushner Studios employee Virgina Camilo with researching the current state of 3D printing in the construction sector, along with University of Southern California Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis, industrial 3D printer manufacturer Voxeljet, and DUS Architects — who if you recall was the Dutch firm behind the 3D-printed Canal House.

“About a year and a half ago, I started to become immersed in 3D printing,” Kushner told 3DPrint.com. “I said, ‘OK, who’s doing this on the construction level?’  That is where I see the future. I don’t care about the toys or the games or the little things people are doing on their desktops. What I really saw, was the bigger potential for 3D printers in the construction industry. That is a trillion dollar business, and it changes the paradigm of how we build.”


Once the project begins, the construction of this estate will not be as simple as clicking a few buttons and watching the walls take shape. This is a monumental task. In fact, the Maker believes that, “It could be ego driven, it could be legacy driven, but if I am going to leave the world anything, I’m hoping that perhaps this might be my little niche.”

The team has already set up the construction site’s power and are now launching the pool and carport foundations and formwork where the 3D-printed forms will sit, a process in which the team believes will run through November. Kushner’s team hopes use the winter break to focus on modeling while they await the arrival of the 3D printers early next year. The team will begin by building the pool in this spring followed by a pool house sometime next summer.

“A pool is in complete compression,” the Maker explained. “Water on the inside, soil on the outside. One of the most successful uses of the D-Shape technology has been in the creation of artificial reefs.”

While pool house will certainly come with some other challenges, including a roof that will be 3D-printed and additional tensile forces on the structure, the most complicated task will be the four-bedroom home. With hopes of commencing construction of the house in just over a year, Kushner is still brainstorming ideas as to how to add support to some of his plans, and is toying with a process to install rebar as the printer forms the property’s foundation.


“Up until now, with previous ’3D-printed house’ projects, we have only seen very small houses actually 3D-printed, or in some cases, small sections which have been assembled together. Kushner plans on blowing away all of these projects by completely 3D printing a full-size home,” 3DPrint.com explains.

This estate is viewed by the team as a two-year project and should cost significantly less than a traditionally built home, as there are little to no labor costs. Traditional labor may account for as much as 45% of a home’s construction cost.

“This is serious for me. I don’t play games any more. Time is shorter, and this is something that I’d like to do with my days. If successful Kushner, Wolff, Dini, D-Shape, and team will go down in history as the first to use 3D printing on a massive scale within the construction industry.  It may very well change the paradigm within the construction industry.

You can view Kushner’s detailed plans for this futuristic estate here.



“I hope that when this is completed, in some small way, it will show that there can be a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we view architects, contractors and what it means to build,” Kushner told Motherboard.

As we’ve previously discussed on Bits & Pieces, the DIY Maker Movement continues to employ Atmel powered 3D printers like MakerBot and RepRap for some time now. However, 3D printing recently entered a new and exciting stage in a number of spaces, ranging from the architectural arena to the science lab. And, with all great aspirations comes great microcontrollers to enable them.

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