This space-inspired LED makeup is out of this world

October is here and while most of us are urgently searching the web for the perfect Halloween costume to wow friends and family, our pals at Adafruit have come up with the perfect Atmel based solution.


Inspired by the Cassiopeia constellation, this galactic makeup uses the GEMMA platform (ATtiny85) along with a series of FLORA NeoPixels. The team behind the build used some clever soldering to link five NeoPixels to the Gemma, while keeping the design light enough so that the LED structure could be worn for long periods of time.


The Adafruit design is directly mounted to the user’s forehead and an accompanying makeup tutorial turns the costumed constellation wearer into a walking galaxy. While some of your friends will likely go with the old standbys this Halloween, such as a cop, a cat, or some assortment of superheroes, why not stand out like a star in the night sky?

Feeling inspired? This timely guide will show you how to bring some celestial luster to this month’s big holiday, or perhaps even a Comic-Con or two.

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