A look back at Maker Faire Rome 2014

And just like that, another weekend of making has come to an end but not without its ‘Faire’ share of memories. The Atmel team spent the weekend of October 3-5th in Italy’s Renzo Piano Auditorium Parco della Musica for Maker Faire Rome. The European flagship event attracted a record-setting 80,000+ Makers, modders, hackers, hobbyists and veteran engineers from all across the continent.

Inside our jam-packed space, booth-goers had the chance to meet and mingle with a number of Makers and their Atmel powered projects.


13-year-old CEO Quin Etnyre hosted his “Qtechknow Olympics” robotic challenge and showed off his newly-developed Social Androids.


Atmel’s Wizard of Make Bob Martin demoed uToT Robots and his incredibly-popular hacked Hexbugs — which has become quite the fixture at Atmel Maker Faire booths.


Maker Mel Li, Ph.D. generated quite the buzz with her latest Atmel powered wings. 


Newcomer to the booth Monique Martin exhibited her latest Beehive Collapse project, which featured 3D-printed hexagons.


The SparkFun team, led by CTO Trevor Zylstra, allured over 1,300 attendees to our co-branded soldering workshops all weekend.


Lastly, visitors had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the newly-unveiled, ATmega2560 powered Arduino Materia 101 3D printer.


Oh, and how could we forget? The Maker community’s favorite superhero AVR Man was in attendance.


Now, for a look back at some of the memorable moments from the show…

Weren’t able to join us in Rome, you can see all the photos from the amazing event here.

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