TinyScreen is a thumb-sized color display

With much of the tech community is abuzz about larger screen sizes, the TinyScreen is here to show customers just how adaptable a miniscule display can be in a world overrun by massive screens.


Led by Maker Ken Burns, TinyCircuits has successfully launched and funded its TinyScreen on Kickstarter. To say the immediate response was a positive one would surely be an understatement, as the device well exceeded its original $15,000 goal. (Garnered over $128,000!)


Generally speaking, form factor will dictate just the overall size of your project, and for those looking small, the thumb-size TinyScreen is certainly a go-to choice. In fact, there are a wide-range of uses for TinyScreen, ranging from DIY wearables like smart watches and glasses to gaming screens and joystick RC controls.


The screen itself is only 1.02″ x 0.98″, with a 0.96” viewable area that features 96×64 OLED display and 16-bit color depth. The device is built to be customized and programmed by the clever user base, both novice and expert. The team champions its one-click ability to download new programs and run them with little interuption. Even better, the TinyScreen comes with some incredibly useful programs, such as a clock display, already loaded onto the unit out of the box.


Customization is made possible thanks to the Atmel ATmega328P powered TinyDuino platform — also developed by the TinyCircuits team. According to its creators, TinyDuino is essentially a full-blown Arduino shrunk down to the size of a quarter, which not only is equipped with the same processor as the incredibly popular Arduino Uno but now includes an onboard Lithium battery charger and battery connector. “All of the shield signals are supported, so all of your existing Arduino sketches will work as is,” a company rep writes.

The TinyShields allow for unprecedented adaptability for these microscopic machines. “The platform is comprised of a TinyDuino processor board and multiple TinyShields which add special functions, like sensors, communications and display options,” the TinyCircuits team notes.

At the moment, there are over 25 TinyShields with more coming out every month — these are sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, 9-Axis IMU, ambient light sensor), output boards (motor drivers, audio output, displays), storage (SRAM, EEPROM, microSD card), communication (USB, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, WiFi, 433MHz,802.15.4, Ethernet) and breakout boards to connect to external sensors and circuitry.


Recent shields released by the company comprise of a USB connector, a joystick as well as a Bluetooth LE transmitter. Good news Makers! TinyCircuits has also included 3D-printed watch enclosures which are readily available for those looking to download and print themselves.

TinyCircuits is currently seeking funding to expand production of the TinyScreen and have recognized that there may be an issue procuring enough OLED screens to meet customer demand. For more information about the TinyScreen or the TinyDuino platform, head over to the TinyCircuits home page or its recently-funded Kickstarter page here.

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