A Maker’s palette for your next Arduino masterpiece

Every Maker out there probably has an area in their home that is littered with bits and pieces that haven’t found their way to the proper storage container. Searching through a sea of parts makes the prototyping process infinitely more difficult. That’s where the ProtoPalette comes in…


Karl Alexius and Will Pemble were having organizational issues when working on their respective Atmel based projects. When sharing similar difficulties, they decided to put their brilliant minds together and devise a portable, fully-customizable platform that enables Makers to create their Arduino projects all while keeping the necessary components readily accessible.

“We wanted to build and create with Arduino. But, every time we got started, the confusing mess of parts and pieces stopped us in our tracks,” stated Alexius. “Then it hit me!”

From these brainstorming sessions, the ProtoPalette was born. The device is moldable to any Maker’s desire and can help an innovator test, design and prototype nearly anything they can dream up.

“It takes so much mental energy to organize a simple electronics project that most people quit before they build what they envisioned,” the duo explains. “Because it is difficult – especially for inventor types – to stay focused on their creative vision and get things done, most [Atmel powered] Arduino projects die in a pile of unused, misunderstood components.”

Essentially, ProtoPalette is a large printed circuit board in the shape of an artist’s palette that organizes and makes sense of those Arduino components and sensors lying around. “Making with Arduino, you need one of two things. A bucket of sensors, breadboards, parts and pieces that have to be organized… or a ProtoPalette,” Pemble shares. “For creative inventor types, ProtoPalette lets you focus on your vision instead of keeping things tidy.”

ProtoPalette comes with a plethora of components including pins, boards, motors, buzzers, and sensors that each have their own specified area on the palette; therefore, sorting through each unit is incredibly simple, thus making access to them easy and more intuitive.

Those who attended the recent World Maker Faire in New York may have had the chance to see this nifty design firsthand — where it not only garnered quite the crowd but even an Editor’s Choice Award. During the Faire, our friends at Hackaday dubbed the innovation as “a stylized version of the old ‘parts and springs and wire’ Radio Shack beginner electronic kits.”


Having already exceeded its original $3,500 goal by nearly $2,000 so far, the ProtoPalette will ideally be shipped to its initial Kickstarter backers in November.

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