Simplicity is key with the DUO Light

Maker Jack Eisenmann has developed a lightweight, single board computer that can connect to an SD card, a composite video monitor and a keyboard, and provide a low-level computer programming experience.


Eisenmann’s vision of the DUO Light was to serve as an alternative to the Atmel based Arduino Uno, as his design features an additional RAM chip. The DUO Light still utilizes an ATmega328 at its core, which connects to a variety of peripheral devices, including a composite video monitor and SD card, PS/2 keyboard, and general purpose I/O ports; however, unlike the Uno, the board sports a 64 KB serial SRAM, which is also attached to the ATmega328.

Combining the best of both worlds, the Arduino Uno-Raspberry Pi hybrid even costs less than each of the two boards. Eisenmann provides much of the coding for the DUO Light on his website and notes that, “Each DUO Light is preinstalled with an interpreter for DUO Light bytecode (DLBC), a proprietary binary language.” The DLBC programs are loaded from files on the SD card and executed in SRAM. DLBC features over 90 opcodes and a robust argument system.


In his already successful Kickstarter campaign, Eisenmann states he created the DUO Light as a low cost platform for hobbyists to create fun and useful software. “The DUO Light is ideal for anyone who wants a low power computer with video output and keyboard input,” the Maker writes.

Eisenmann hopes that after achieving his Kickstarter goal, he will now be able to fund a large-scale shipment of his device to customers. For more information on DUO Light, check out the project’s official site here.

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