Massimo Banzi announces the Arduino open source apartment

During this year’s MakerCon keynote, Arduino Co-Founder Massimo Banzi announced that the company is working on an “open apartment” that will soon be available to rent.


The project is a collaboration with futurist Bruce Sterling and will be located in Arduino’s Turin, Italy headquarters — which is actually an abandoned car factory. The apartment will serve as a test ground for the latest developments from the Maker community, equipped with furniture from OpenDesk, a plethora of Atmel based devices as well as other hardware creations.

“All of the houses of the future are fake, but you’ll be able to rent ours on Airbnb,” Banzi told the crowd.

Unlike other so-called “homes of the future,” this Arduino-powered space will be more than a livable showcase. In fact, the inhabitants’ responses to the elements inside will be registered for the project’s research, MAKE Magazine reports.


Following the pre-World Maker Faire presentation, Mike Senese went 1:1 with Banzi to get some more details around the project and to learn more about what’s next for the open-source platform.

A few weeks later, Banzi “officially” launched the apartment at Maker Faire Rome; however, as for when you will be able to rent the house yourself, you will have to stay tuned. During his session, the Arduino co-founder unveiled the official name for the open-source apartment: Casa Jasmina.

“Casa Jasmina is a real-world testbed for hacks, experiments, exhibitions and a guest house for IoT and open design… We’ll do stress test the concept of open-source home automation with Casa Jasmina,” Banzi explained. “It’s time for a new Italian domestic landscape.”

Collaborator Bruce Sterling also shared his thoughts on the soon-to-launch project by stating, “I’ve known for a long time that Torino would be the center of digital manufacturing for Italy. What we are going to see is a national open-source. What’s needed is now is not more gadgets… [but to] figure out how to move this from the hobby level to a level of professionalism, and how to establish making with Italian characteristics.”

When discussing Arduino and the nature of the open-source movement, he added, “Just like the slow food movement defeats the fast food movement by being good, clean, fair and putting everything on the table in a very open fashion.”


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