ClipHit lets you drum anything anywhere

Ever catch yourself drumming your pencil or utensil on a tabletop? Thanks to Korg’s ClipHit, you can now bring those rhythmic beats to life.

ClipHit’s newly-unveiled concept allows you to take everyday objects and turn them into a portable, electronic percussion instruments by simply attaching the three vibration-sensitive clips to a desk, table or any other nearby surface.

Equipped with motion sensors, the clips analyze and monitor how hard you strike an object with a drumstick, pencil or even your fingers, while an embedded sensor in the control unit enables it to be played the same way. A user may also trigger a variety of built-in sound samples — kicks, snare, toms, and cymbals — and select a series of rock, pop or standard drum sets.

Want to add a little something else to your track? The dynamic device also boasts EFX programmed effects, ranging from dog and cat sounds to tambourines and hand clapping.


In addition, the ClipHit features a 3-inch speaker with 2W output and a bass-reflex design, delivering a sensational tone for your drum performance. Don’t want others to hear? Connect headphones for a more personal sound. The on-the-go unit is powered by four AA batteries, which equates to about six hours before needing a new set. Have an audience? You can actually connect and play your MP3 player through the ClipHit’s speaker.

Information regarding pricing and availability for the ClipHit has yet to be announced by Korg. From outdated electronic parts to yarn, Korg joins some of latest Maker projects transforming once-ordinary objects into terrific tunes. With just a set of drumsticks (or pencils) and a good imagination, anything can be turned into some marvelous Maker music!

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