Channel your inner Vin Diesel with this electroluminescent paint

When the original The Fast and the Furious first hit theatres, the car modification scene experienced a massive growth and overhaul. Today, some of the trends sparked by film have gone by the wayside, but gear heads will still look to the newest technology to make their precious rides stand out.


Darkside Scientific, an electroluminescent (EL) research and development company, created the dazzling LumiLor coating system. As described on its site, LumiLor is a practical and durable EL coating technology that is energized with an electrical current. The lighting is controlled by the driver and can be spread over the vehicles curves and corners.

Differing from some of the popular street-racing mods we saw a decade ago, this paint doesn’t drastically change the appearance of the car. When LumiLor is not triggered, the car’s appearance remains stock, or in other words, normal.

While the paint job is jaw-dropping: Imagine if a Maker hooked an Atmel based Arduino up to that unit and used to it create some serious automotive art!

“You can imagine the kinds of things that become possible once you exit the realm of a simple repeating circuit. Connected to something like an Arduino or maybe even a homebrew kit that is pulling data from your ODB 2 port, your vehicle becomes a canvas for some really futuristic designs,”’s Russell Holly writes.

With the latest installment of The Fast and the Furious franchise hitting theatres next summer, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any LumiLor paint on Vin or The Rock’s rides! For more information about how to get your hands on LumiLor, you can zoom over to their website here.


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