Control your window shade with your smartphone

This development from RCGuy out of ALP Electronic Innovation takes us one step closer to complete DIY home automation. No longer is there a need to mess around with those fussy window blinds, just swipe your way to perfect lighting!

Using an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), this device hosts a simple wiring schematic that enables a smartphone app to control a motor driven window shade. A Bluetooth connection is used to establish a connection between the Arduino Uno and the smartphone of choice. From there, a DC motor controls the shade track — allowing in light to wake you up or blocking out the rays to let you catch a few extra minutes of shut-eye!

For easy identification, a series of LED lights notifies the user of the shade’s current status. Now this project may not be as refined as the Homey or as large as these automated blinds, but this project is a true Maker endeavor. The ease of this build almost leaves no excuse as to why your windows aren’t automatically controlled. For those interested in installing a set of connected blinds into their living room, a step-by-step tutorial of the build can be seen below or  on the Maker’s original lnstructables guide.


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