AmbiLED HD is a stick-on LED ambient light for your TV or PC

Does the back of your TV set look like a messy rat’s nest? With the cable box, Blu-Ray player and video game console plugged in, the last thing you would want to do is add another device to increase the clutter. That’s where INOVATEK Electronics‘ latest project comes in…


The AmbiLED HD — which recently made its Kickstarter debut — is the first high-resolution ambient light conversion kit for computer monitors. The wireless ambient light strip affixes directly to the back of your TV, thus allowing for your field of view to be flooded with visual stimulation. “The human eye has a very limited area of approximately 6° where objects appear clear and sharp, but our visual field is 120° wide,” a company rep explains.


“When you are watching a movie or playing a game you can only clearly see the spot your eyes are focused on, but you can sense the whole 120° area, including frame and background.” Instead, the AmbiLED HD paints the background with the nearest color and has the ability to drastically improve a viewer’s visual experience.


According to the team behind the adhesive LED strip, common commercial and DIY ambient light systems use 3-30 LEDs around the display; therefore, every individual RGB LED requires 3 pins to control the colors. This leads to a number of cables and connectors between LEDs and controller. Fortunately, the AmbiLED HD requires no cabling or construction and can be easily attached to the back of the display. As demonstrated by the video below, installation is relatively easy while the adhesive strip is durable enough to allow for the transfer of the device between monitors.

The open-source, Arduino-based design can control up to 512 LEDs with just a 3-pin connection — which amounts to nearly 30 feet! The Atmel powered circuit makes it simple enough to deactivate any LEDs that are not in use so that no cutting of the strip is required. According to its creators, AmbiLED HD began as open-source project, but their prototype generated so much interest that they decided to offer it as a commercial product. Now, the team behind the adhesive LED strip is currently testing the product and hopes to begin shipping their creation in November of this year.

With weeks still left in their crowdfunding campaign, the team has already garnered over £34,000, officially surpassing its original £33,000 goal. For more information on the AmbiLED HD or if interested in backing its yourself, head on over to their Kickstarter page here.

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